Are you or someone you know…

* Welcoming a new pet to the family?
*Grieving the loss of a beloved pet?
*Celebrating a birthday or other special occasion?

Show you care by sending your friend or client one of our Boutique Pet Lover Gift Baskets! Leave the shopping and gift wrapping to us….we make it easy and enjoyable for busy people to be thoughtful. Whether you’re purchasing a birthday or Christmas gift for your own furry loved one, or looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for your friend who loves everything with paws (and paw prints!), Green Pet Gifts has you covered! From Pet Bereavement Baskets to Welcome New Dog, to Warm and Cuddly gourmet holiday treats for dogs and humans to indulge in together, our Boutique Baskets make thoughtful and meaningful gifts–with no hassle!

And that’s not all—we specialize in eco-friendly, healthy, and locally-sourced products, so you and your special recipient can feel EXTRA good about purchasing or receiving a gift that is good for you, good for your pet, and good for the planet!


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